About Us

TESLink is a Leading Quality Assurance and Testing company, providing Boutique solutions for QA and automation.
TESLink a subsidiary of SQLink Group which provides a broad spectrum of computer services for most of Israel’s leading companies and organizations.

Why TesLink?

In Teslink we believe in a smart testing environment that integrates manual and automatic tests. Our expertise is building an advanced solution that corresponds perfectly with the organization's environment and its business focus.

Our premium services are designed according to customer's profile, the team establishment, through training, practical consulting and End to End projects. In each of the options, we support the agenda that the organization should be become independent gradually.


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  • Email: info@teslink.co.il
  • Phone:03-6111444
  • Fax:03-7525777
  • Address: Ramat-Gan branch: 11 Menachem Begin st.

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